References and Referrals

References and Referrals

Interested in reading the most updated and comprehensive books about your animal companion/favorite animal?  Are you looking for suitable children's books on pet care or animal behavior?  Need suggestions for movies to watch or apps to explore?

Do you need a referral to a local animal day care or training school? Want to explore massage therapy for your dog or healthy food choices for your cat?  Are you new in town and need a new vet or a pet sitter/walker?

I can provide a list of reference material - books, videos, movies, apps - tailored to your needs or interests, as well as a comprehensive, well-researched list of local referrals, with your specifications in mind.  Just tell me what you need and I'll give you options to choose from.

All referrals come with contact information and a blurb about their offerings, in addition to my own notes about the service provider and/or facilities.  

The reference list is available as a master copy or a customizable list.

Single referrals and/or suggestions for reference material are free as a part of an HTA treatment session. A complete listing tailored to your specific needs may take up to a week to put together and is $5.   A copy of the several-page master copy is available for $7. I can provide either hard or electronic copy, or both. It is not necessary to book a session in order to request a reference or referral listing.

If you would like a customized list, please indicate your specific interests in your email.