*Shelters, rescues, and other animal care/welfare organizations are encouraged to contact me to schedule any services offered here free of charge.

Due to the concerns surrounding the coronavirus, I am providing all HTA work with individual animals as clients are comfortable with it. I can either do work at your home (with or without mask, as you prefer) or at a distance.  For more about the effectiveness of distance healing, take a look at the HTA service page. I will do onsite sessions for sanctuaries, shelters, and horse farms.

All Feline Behavior consultations and pet illness/loss sessions can either be conducted via phone, Zoom, or in person.

This site is dedicated to 'rissa and Silk, my two beautiful girls who both transitioned in 2020.

As a Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner, I am committed to your animal's well-being and his/her relationship with your family. Using proprietary HTA techniques, essential oils, and tuning forks I provide energy assessment, balancing, and support to help facilitate healing after physical and emotional trauma, assist with behavior issues, prepare for competition, and promote general wellness.

Do you have a companion animal? Run a horse farm? Own a shelter or sanctuary? Work as a zookeeper or with animals in competition? Contact me to discuss ways we can work together to enhance the well-being of your animal(s). I work with all animals, including snakes, lizards, bees, and pocket pets. I can work in-home or at a distance and always provide a phone consultation to collect important medical and behavioral information.

The current fee per session - both in-home and distance - is $40 ($42.40 with required KY tax), or 3 sessions for $100 ($106.00 with tax).  Session fee includes both the phone consultation and in-home or distance session, as well as an after-session discussion. For additional information on what is included, please see the services page.  I am currently offering free sessions for shelters and foster cats and dogs.