Healing Yourself

Join me in three workshops that will help you develop a regular journaling practice (or give you new ideas for your current one).  

In Start Journaling!, we'll talk about the best journal for you, discuss safety and privacy when keeping journals, explore the most famous journals in history, and work on a project you can take home. This workshop is suitable for new and experienced journalers, ages 11 and up. Current fee for this workshop is $10 for ages 11-1 5 and over 55. Fee for ages 16-55 is $20.

Transformation & Healing Through Journaling is specifically designed to teach you how to keep a journal to help you work through emotional challenges, trauma, grief, and general every-day struggles.  This workshop is suitable for ages 17 and above and the current fee is $20.

In Journaling the Labyrinth, we will explore the history and use of this ancient form, and learn how it can be combined with journaling to help you manage daily ups-and-downs, work through conflict, heal from grief and trauma, and just find peace in your world. This workshop is suitable for anyone 15 and above (contact me if you have someone who is younger that is interested) and the current fee is $20.

Each workshop was designed to be in-person, but due to the current pandemic and gathering restrictions, all are available on Zoom for the foreseeable future.   Email me to register and stay tuned for workshop dates. 

All participants will receive an extensive list of resources and a .pdf copy of the presentation slides. I am also providing a blank journal for Start Journaling! and Transformation and Healing through Journaling and labyrinth cards for our Journaling with Labyrinth workshop (to be mailed prior to the workshop). 

Not sure which to take? Feel free to email me with questions and for additional information.