Healing Touch for Animals® Treatment Sessions

All living bodies are energy systems and all things - animate and inanimate alike - are formed by the vibration of electrons and protons in the atoms that form everything. The human body is surrounded by several energy fields, and illness, trauma, emotional upset, or stress will create an imbalance in one of the fields. That imbalance manifests as a physical or psychological symptom. Animals are different only in that their energy fields are much larger than ours. The energy field of a cat living in an apartment, for instance, will fill the entire living space, making him/her sensitive to all that occurs there. 

HTA is a therapy that helps bring balance to the energy centers, facilitating healing and wellness in the animal.  It doesn't replace veterinary care, but works with it and supports it.  HTA techniques can be hands-on or done at a distance; because energy permeates and connects everything in our world, we are able to direct and shape it with our intention, even at a distance.  Distance healing has often been compared to the power of prayer; although it's sometimes hard to understand how it works, there is clear evidence it does.

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