Feline Behavior Consultations

Is your cat peeing outside the litter box?  Are you bringing a new cat into the household?

I have a diploma in Feline Behavior and Psychology. Let me help you and your kitt(y)(ies) understand their behavior and make changes so that everyone in the household is happy.

In our initial phone consultation, I will take a complete, detailed medical and behavioral history.  The follow-up home visit allows me to observe your cat in his/her environment and make recommendations to correct the behavior.  Many issues can be addressed in one visit, but I always follow-up and am happy to schedule follow-up visits if needed.  

I can also provide referrals, as necessary, and for those interested, an extensive list of resources. 

Current fee is $40 for the phone consultation and first home visit, with a second visit included, if needed.  Additional visits are $25. Phone consultations are approximately 45 min and home visits will be a minimum of one hour. Referrals are free and additional resource/reference lists can be customized and provided for an additional small fee.